Plastic Bag Flower

Oct 23, 2011

I was inspired to create a plastic bag flower when I saw some wilting lilies. They looked just like plastic, so I decided to pull out some bags and start snipping!

Brown or white plastic bag
Hot glue gun (requires little glue)
Floral wire (that's what I used), a pipe cleaner (for kids), or some floral tape and something to wrap it around

 Start with one bag (above) Below is a picture of a real lily petal. Try to mimic the shape while cutting out a plastic bag petal.

Penguin Ornament

Oct 16, 2011

This is a fun, cute and creative project. I had inspiration from Cracker Barrel, a restaurant & store when I saw a similar ornament. I decided to make my own, so here it is!

One plain glass ornament (craft stores)
Black felt
Orange craft foam
Glass paint (craft stores)
Hot glue gun
Orange marker (I used a simple Crayola)

 Start by painting the glass ornament black and white like this. Add a small black triangle at the top (see pic)

 Next, cut out a diamond out of craft foam and draw a line down the middle like this.

Cut out leaf shapes for the wings out of black felt 

 Cut out a foot like this.

Next cut out two shapes like this for the bow tie. Wrap the small thin one around the middle of the hourglass shape tightly to form a bow.

Travel Dry-Erase Board

Oct 9, 2011

As a continued part of my my mission of recycling DVD's and their cases, (click to read about it) I have invented the easiest craft that can be taken along in the car as well! It is my dry-erase board made out of a DVD case. Keep your kids entertained in the car.

1 DVD case with the paper still in it
Dry-erase markers

Start by bending the DVD case backwards, so you can pull the piece of paper out. Once you have pulled it out, flip it over. It should be glossy white on the back.

Stick about five tissues inside plus a few dry-erase markers and YOU'RE DONE!!!
Now wasn't that easy? 

Show your kids a few games! Print out cards of Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, or Connect the Dots with instructions and pictures to keep inside the cases.
You can also print out black and white scenes for kids to color in, then erase and start all over! They can also add their own drawings to the scenes as well.

inspire. create.

High-Tech CD Box

I found myself with a huge box of about 35 DVDs that were going to be thrown out. It is now my mission to reuse and recycle all these disks and their cases. I pulled out a hot glue gun and got to work on different crafts using all these disks.

9 DVDs or CDs
A hot glue gun with lots of glue

 Now heat up that hot glue gun and pump out lots of glue to hold it in place. Make sure to get it on both bottoms of each disk.

 The covers of each disk are still showing. :(

Once you glue another set on, they will be covered.

Plastic Bead Chain Anklet

Have all those plastic beads floating around your house from parties? Here's a solution to turning it into a unique anklet.

One beaded necklace (party store)

Count out six beads on one part of the necklace. The little piece of string below the third on each side is the part you are going to twist.

Twist them together.

Twist it a second time. Do it gently because these strings break easily when too much pressure is put on.

Left & Right Rings

Oct 8, 2011

Teach your child right and left! Put these rings on their fingers every morning. These rings are color-coded plus they have the words written on them for older children.

Craft foam scraps in 2 colors
Hot Glue gun

Step 1: Cut a narrow strip of craft foam about 3-4 inches

Step 2: Wrap around child's finger. Cut until the ends overlap about 1/2 of an inch

Step 3: Place the first band on top of second sheet of craft foam. Cut around (make sure they are around the same size)