Penguin Ornament

Oct 16, 2011

This is a fun, cute and creative project. I had inspiration from Cracker Barrel, a restaurant & store when I saw a similar ornament. I decided to make my own, so here it is!

One plain glass ornament (craft stores)
Black felt
Orange craft foam
Glass paint (craft stores)
Hot glue gun
Orange marker (I used a simple Crayola)

 Start by painting the glass ornament black and white like this. Add a small black triangle at the top (see pic)

 Next, cut out a diamond out of craft foam and draw a line down the middle like this.

Cut out leaf shapes for the wings out of black felt 

 Cut out a foot like this.

Next cut out two shapes like this for the bow tie. Wrap the small thin one around the middle of the hourglass shape tightly to form a bow.

 Glue everything but the feet and wings.

 Now glue the feet on the bottom. They will be flat.

 Now this is what you should have

 Finally, glue on the wings. 
Instant Penguin Ornament! Now go trim that tree!

Inspire. Create.