Jan 27, 2014

Hey everyone! It's been a while, huh? 
Let me start this post off with a little motivation: Monday is over! Make this week amazing!

 I just thought I'd do a good ol' update post about... well lots of things!
- First, I have some friends and fellow homeschoolers who are going through a tough time since their dad passed away very recently. You can read their story and donate here.

- I have found a few new blog crushes!!! Seriously, these girls are amazing. Their blogs are Sugar and Cloth and A Little Birdy Blog. Check 'em out!
- I got a Polaroid camera!! I got it at a garage sale with film for a great price. Sarah and I tested it with some film that was already in side, but it didn't develop! Hopefully the new packs will work.

- I am assistant directing and performing in a musical! We are doing Dear Edwina Jr. and we had our first rehearsal today. Auditions are next week and I'm so excited for them.

- Arizona sunsets. I wish I could see the horizon from my house. There have been THE most amazing sunsets lately.
- I had a sleepover with Sarah and we built a fort outside and had a picnic. Yes, we did. And it was awesome.

- I have recently discovered the AMAZING and incredibly adorable store, Typo. I found out that they have a store in AZ, which made me beyond happy! Then I found out it's in Tucson, a town two hours away. It was a very sad moment. But, I will be putting in an online order soon!
- Iphoneography is a world that I have immersed myself in in a very short amount of time. In other words, follow me on Instagram @acreativecookie ;)

Have a lovely week!

Instagram Photo Dump

Jan 18, 2014

I have been way too addicted to Instagram! You can follow me @acreativecookie :)