monster pouch and happy halloween!

Oct 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!! I hope you're having a great one!
In honor of this spooky holiday, I will share with you a fun d.i.y. monster pouch that can be whipped up any time!

Truth be told, I didn't intend for this to be a monster, or a Halloween project. But while I cut out the shapes, I couldn't think of any animal that would look quite right. You can't go wrong with a monster, so I decided to do that! And since today is Halloween, I think this project is very fitting. :)

You will need: felt, fabric scissors, velcro, and a needle + thread
 Step 1. Cut out your felt pieces. Start with a rectangle (it can be any size, depending on the size you want your pouch to be) and then cut another piece the same size, with a half circle added to one end.
 Step 2. Cut out four circles for the eyes and some triangles for the teeth.
Step 3. Sew the shapes on the rounded flap. Use same color thread as the felt (I needed purple and black). When you sew them, don't pull the thread too tight or the stitches will be easily spotted.
Step 4. Sew the velcro on the top rectangle and under the flap, so when the flap is shut, the velcro pieces will stick to each other.
Step 5. Sew all around the edges of the pouch, leaving the area underneath the flap open.

 Ta daa! Isn't he cute? You can use your pouch as a goodie bag, coin purse, or to hold any small items.
Tonight I'll be hanging out with some friends who hand out free books instead of candy in their front yard! How cool is that?!

What are you planning to do tonight? If you've already done it, how'd it go?
xo. Kate
(ps-did you check out Google today?)

all about changing a blog title

Oct 28, 2012

I know several bloggers have or have been considering changing their blog name. I hope that if you are considering changing your title, this post will help you find the perfect name!

To start, I've put together my own quick tips about changing your blog name:
  • Let your readers know well in advance that you will be switching.
  • Remember to go into your settings of your old blog and set it so it will automatically redirect readers to your new address.
  • Make sure this is the name you want to go with. You don't want to change it again a week later.
  • Have fun! This is your blog. Your new blog name should reflect you.
I also wanted to share this paragraph found at Project: Inspire's post below. I think it really has a lot to say about what a blog/blog title really means :)

"During this time since my fast ended I started thinking about the direction of the blog. I knew that it was not going to continue on as it had in the past. I still LOVE to create and craft but I was not sure I wanted to blog about every crafty adventure. I felt like I wanted to blog when I was inspired to do it. Not because I felt I had to do it. Another thing was that I had gotten so much positive feedback from my blog break post and my follow up post “Why I’m Tossing Blog Etiquette Out the Window” that I felt like I was given this gift to inspire others to make changes in their lives. Believe me when I say, I most certainly do not feel inspiring. lol I have such a LONG way to go but I guess putting my thoughts out there gave people someone to identify with. So, I came up with Project Inspire. I will blog when I’m inspired to do it and hopefully whatever I blog about will inspire someone else. Whether it be in their crafty adventures or their relationship with God or their family life, I don’t know but Project Inspire it is!" -Diana from Project: Inspire (The Girl Creative)

Diana's post makes so much sense to me. Her other post "Why I'm Tossing Blog Etiquette Out the Window" is amazing. Seriously, go on and click on that link above then come back and finish reading this ;)

Welcome back! (did you follow my instructions? ;)) For this next part, I've interviewed two lovely bloggers who have some fabulous insight...

First up is Natasha from Natasha in Oz. Here is what she has to say about changing her blog name from '5 Minutes Just for Me' to 'Natasha in Oz'...
Why did you change your blog name?   
When I first started my blog I hastily decided on a name and didn't think about it's length or the fact that I used "5" instead of the word "Five"-as an English teacher that always bothered me and I was angry at myself for doing it! I was always happy with my blog but at the same time I always knew it wasn't quite right name wise. I was also know as Natasha in Oz on twitter, pinterest, blogger and so on so thought I might as well change the name of my blog to Natasha in Oz and get my own domain at the same time. I'm so glad I did!

Do you think it has affected your amount of readers in any way? 
 I honestly don't think it has affected my readers at all. My bloggy friends all stayed with me because I made all of the changes through the Blogger platform. This meant that all my blog followers were automatically sent to Natasha in Oz when they visited my old blog. How easy is that!?

What are your pros and cons about changing your blog name? 
Pros. I have now got my own domain name and I think it's a bit easier to remember than the old blog name. It's also a much easier URL to type out and remember since I don't have that annoying "blogspot" in it any more!
Cons. It took a while for Google to recognize the new name but I have now gone and given every single old post a +1 on Google+! Let's hope that helps with search engine optimization!
Up next is Carrie from Frugal Foodie Mama!
Up next is Carrie from Frugal Foodie Mama
twitter // facebook // pinterest

Why did I change you change your blog name?  

I initially started my blog as a place to record my recipes while I was pregnant with my third baby.  I miscarried my baby at around 8 weeks, and my blog title was kind of difficult for me after that.  I logged on everyday, just to be reminded that I was no longer preggo. :(  So, I then changed it to A Mother's Heart to chronicle my journey to get pregnant again, that subsequent pregnancy, and what it was like being a mother to a teenager and a newborn and two angel babies.  After my daughter was born and I decided to stay at home, I went back to my blog being about recipes... plus mothering and trying to stay on a budget.  So, Frugal Foodie Mama was born. :)

Do you think it has affected your amount of readers in any way?  

Yes, most definitely.  My readers have increased about threefold since my most recent blog title change. I think it is because I started to appeal to a broader audience, not just the infertile and baby loss community.  And I have quite a few followers who just love to cook, or save money, or are attachment parents too.  And I have still maintained my original infertility audience even though that is no longer the focus of my blog.

What are your pros and cons about changing your blog name?

Pros: It definitely increased my follower base, as I stated above.  Increasing my follower base has also opened up new opportunities for me in my blogging, such as collaborations with other bloggers and the possibility of working with companies and shops that I love and want to promote.

Cons: Sometimes I worry that my original followers- those who were with me through the miscarriage, the testing afterwards, my pregnancy- will think that my losses, my struggle no longer affects me because I have my beautiful baby girl here with me.  I worry that they think that I have forgotten about that part of my journey, about them.  I still sometimes blog about my angels, my struggles with secondary infertility, but it is not the center of my everyday life now, naturally. I blog about what is happening in my life now.  When I am moved to blog about my babies, my grief, then I open up and I post.  That just isn't as often now though.


Thanks again to these lovely ladies for their interviews! There are definitely lots of pros and cons that come with changing your blog name. In addition to what Carrie said, remember to figure out what kind of audience you're appealing to!
I hope this post has helped you make the big decision. If you need any help, don't hesitate to shoot me an email. :)
<3 Kate

diy paperclip bookmarks.

Oct 27, 2012

I love paperclip bookmarks. They take two minutes to make and slip right into your book!
This rosette bookmark is my favorite. To make the rose, follow these steps: 1. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric. (Make sure your fabric is thin enough to easily twist) The rectangle can be any size. I think mine was 2x5inches 2. Tie a knot in one end 3. Start wrapping the fabric around the knot, twisting as you go. 4. Glue the paperclip on the back of the rosette. 5. Cover with the end of the fabric.

This bow was cut from leggings from a costume store. They were so cute I had to save them. Just hot glue the paperclip on. So easy!

I bought a bag full of adorable flower cabochons from Mindy Mae's Market. This is just one of them that didn't come with a match. It looked great as a bookmark! Hot glue this one as well.

For this button bookmark, sandwich the paperclip between the buttons, and hot glue them together.

These are sooo easy and are perfect little gifts to slip into cards or goodie bags.
Have a fabulous day! <3
xo. Kate

it's my blogiversary! {giveaway!}

Oct 25, 2012

This month is my very first blogiversary! (Be sure check out the post from yesterday) For the celebration, we will be having a FAB giveaway! (hint: someone will win goodies from all the shops above!)

Some very generous and LOVELY shops have donated to bring you a
$60 Prize Pack!
A HUGE thanks to these shops for giving away such an amazing prize!

Here's what YOU could win!
$15 to The Ribbon Retreat, a great store with beautiful fabrics, ribbon, and other crafty supplies!

$15 to Prettiful Designs, a fun design shop for online scrapbooking and other digital goodies!

$15 to That's What {Che} Said The Shop, an adorable shop with handmade items and more from the famous Cheryl from That's What Che Said blog!

$5 to Glitter and Mustaches, a graphic design and accessory shop by Sarah from All Things Blogs!

$10 to White Rabbit designs, my brand spankin' new blog design store with graphic design goodies!

One winner takes all!
Extra info:
Winner will be notified by email. If they don't respond within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen. Entries will be verified, so please be honest.

Now go on and enter your little heart out! Good luck! <3

it's my blogiversary! part 1

Oct 24, 2012

I can't believe it's been a full year since I started this blog. When I started A Creative Cookie, I never thought I would have met so many wonderful friends! I was completely clueless to the blogging community and had no idea how many fabulous ladies were out there.

For my blogiversary, I wanted to do something different. I know several blogs celebrate with giveaways galore (psst, giveaway coming soon!), but today I wanted to share with you three ladies who mean so much to me. They have been so kind, supportive, helpful, and just plain fabulous!

Christine is one of the most important ladies in my blogging journey. She is one of the first people who really reached out to me, helped me, gave me tips... she was a lifesaver! She is just the sweetest person, and is always there to help anyone out. You rock, Christine!
"I met Kate almost a year ago, via linky parties.  She creates the most beautiful things, I was (I am) in AWWW of everything she touches.  One of my favorite creations of hers are the Sock Bunnies she made.  They are just oh so cute!!!  Kate is KIND, CARING and truly someone you can count on ANYTIME!!  You are AMAZING Kate!!  HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!  xoxo"
-Christine from The D.I.Y. Dreamer

My best friend (yes, in real life!), Sarah, is awesome. We help each other out all the time with our blogs, and she is so supportive. She posts the best roundups, and is just the funniest girl ever. Sarah has a shop where she sells custom blog design here and is going places with it, lemme tell ya! :) Thanks so much, Sarah, for always being there for me!
All Things Blogs
"Kate has always been the awesomest bloggy buddy!
She inspired me to create my blog, and has helped me so much!  I wouldn't have a blog today if she hadn't helped me so much! We have been friends forever!  
I am so happy for Kate to have her happy one year!"
-Sarah from All Things Blogs

I met Katlyn a long time ago when I won an adorable pin from her shop. But we didn't truly "meet" until I saw a tweet about a chat bar on her blog. It was so fun, and we had great weekly chats! :) Katlyn is an awesome friend and is so amazing at everything she does. <3 you!

"Wow, what to say about Kate? Well we met a while back actually. I think the first time we talked was because of a giveaway that I had donated a prize to from my shop. It then developed to talking on my chat bar and being part of unique support team that only bloggers know. She is one of my favorite bloggy friends and I sure am glad I met her! :) You should get to know her, she's great! ♥" -Katlyn from The Dreamy Meadow


We all started at the very beginning. We had an idea, an inspiration to share a piece of us with the world. But where would we be without those helpful bloggers who have done so much for us?

I hope that you will help me give back to these bloggers as they have given so much to me. I encourage you to just check out their blogs, ask them if they need help, follow them, or simply say hi!

If you are reading this right now, that means you are FAB too! It's because of all you lovely ladies who inspire me and make blogging a special thing.
Hugs all around! <3
xo. Kate
(ps - check back tomorrow! You could win some goodies ;))

my sponsors can beat up your sponsors.

Oct 23, 2012

It's totally true! I have some pretty awesome sponsors. I'll let them introduce themselves to you... :)

"Hi, I'm Mia from The Chronicles of Chaos!
I love Coke (NOT Pepsi!), Stephen King, coffee, spicy food, and Justin Bieber (what?! Don't judge!).
I'm 29, I have a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful sons (ages 4 and 1), an energetic black Lab, and a full-time job. Needless to say, chaos reigns supreme in our household! I hope you'll stop by the blog and read about our crazy lives!"
Mia is also part of a giveaway here and is sponsoring a giveaway right here on A Creative Cookie! Once you're done entering, be sure to check out her favorite post!

 "My name is Katlyn and I am the writer behind The Dreamy Meadow. It is a blog about my life and the things that truly inspire me to be the best that I can be. I am a mother to one little human baby and 3 fur-sies! I also have an amazing husband who happen to be in the United States Navy. I am sort of a mommy blogger, but tend to turn it down a little bit and 'escape' from my world a bit through my virtual little land.  
There are also some things on my blog that might interest you lovelies! I have teamed up with Paige from Eloping Stethoscope to bring you two projects! The first being a Shop Contest for all you online store owners! The second is a Blogger Secret Santa Swap! I am also hosting a fun little Nail Polish Swap in November, so keep your eyes peeled for that! :)"
Katlyn also has a lovely shop, so be sure to go take a look around there, then check out her blog!
Twitter // Facebook // Bloglovin'

"Hello, I'm Ang and I blog over at Juggling Act Mama and love sharing recipes, DIY projects, and fun activities for the kiddos.  I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we both work full time outside the home.  We have two children, Ethan, 4-1/2, and Olivia, 18- months. I hope you'll come visit me to check out some of my favorite posts, like DIY Gardener's ScrubPopsicle Stick Puzzles or enter my latest Giveaway!"
Be sure to check out Ang's blog and then visit her Favorite Fall Recipes!

life is short. and a giveaway!

Oct 22, 2012

Today I have the pleasure of introducing my good friend, blog angel, AND featured sponsor! Mia blogs at the Chronicles of Chaos and she is so sweet! Be sure to check out her pretty ad in the sidebar riiight over there --->

Well, hi there, A Creative Cookie readers! I'm Mia from The Chronicles of Chaos.  I tend to blog about random observations of my daily crazy life with my hubby, 2 boys, dog, and full-time job. Anyway, I'm really excited to have the opportunity to talk to you guys today about... TIME.

That's right, time.  Do you ever feel like it is flying by so quickly?  I mean, when we were kids, everything always seemed to take so long - birthdays and Christmas and SUMMER! It was like an eternity waiting for those to happen.

But now? I grumble when Monday rolls around, but I feel like I blink and then it's Friday again. And there's 2 months left until Christmas! Holy smokes! 5 more months and I'll be 30. 30 years old!!! Like, seriously? I remember being a kid and desperately wanting to be 16 and thinking how far away it was. And now that's so funny to me, I'd give anything for time to be that "slow" again.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to remind everyone that life is short! Time really does fly and it's important to spend as much time with your loved ones as you can and doing the things that you're passionate about as much as you can. Carpe diem, and all that jazz. :)

Hey, speaking of time, do you ever feel like a month goes by so quickly in the blogging world? Before you know it, the sponsor spot you've paid for has expired. Well, fear not, trusty readers. I'm offering you the chance of a lifetime (ok, slight exaggeration) to have a 6-month, large 250x250 ad over at The Chronicles of Chaos.  6 whole months! This means you'll get specialized attention, non-stop promotion of your lovely projects, and a chance to build awesome bloggy friendships! What could be better? :) Go! Enter now!

And thank you so much, Kate, letting me "borrow" your blog for a minute! :)

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Reese's S'mores

Oct 21, 2012

When we went to California last month, one of my mom's old friends gave us the idea of using Reese's instead of normal Hershey's chocolate in s'mores. It was delicious!

I thought I would share this tip for you, since I know Fall is one of the biggest s'more makin' seasons!
xo. Kate


Oct 14, 2012

(Nighttime posts, the best kind!)

I just thought I'd share with you what I've been up to this week.

I went thrift shopping today at Savers and Goodwill. There are some really nice ones up in Avondale, and I cannot tell you how many things I tried on. At the end of the day, I walked away with three new shirts that I absolutely love.

I got up this morning for a lovely photo shoot. It was so fun and I haven't had one in a looong time.

I have been super stressed out with blogging, designing, etc. lately. There just always seems to be one more button to make or a few more emails to send. I think I just need to get away from it all for a little bit. But I can't, because I *still* have emails to send for my blogaversary. Maybe I'll actually be able to make the celebration happen the month of the blogaversary. We'll see...

I know people say that every post should have at least one photo in it. I wasn't really going to, because I am absolutely exhausted and I need to hit the hay. But here's a photo I grabbed from Pinterest:

LOVE these fall colors. They are so gorgeous. I wish we had glorious trees like that here. Sadly, all of our trees are still the same desert green.
My pillow is calling to me, so good night all! <3
xo. Kate

blog angel reveal.

This month I have participated in being a Blog Angel over at Craftbotic!

I was a blog angel last month, and decided to do it again! This time it's changed a bit - the reveal is in the middle of the month!

Okay, so the lovely lady I am "angeling" is *drumroll*...
Life In A Break Down | UK | Lifestyle Blog | Beauty Blog
Sarah from Life in a Break Down!

This month I haven't done much - I've commented a few times and given some shout outs on Twitter. Since it's supposed to be secret it's a bit difficult. But now since there's no secrecy anymore, I plan to do more! I'm already going to design a new header for her, and i'm so excited! :)

xo. Kate

friday funnies

Oct 12, 2012

They're back! Be prepared to giggle every Friday (or whenever I feel like writing a funny post). Anyways, go ahead! Read on!
                   Source: via Olivia on Pinterest

                                                       Source: via Allison on Pinterest

                                                                  Source: via Allison on Pinterest

                                                               Source: via Allison on Pinterest


Oct 8, 2012

These photos were taken in California recently. It was the most picture perfect sunset.

linking up to Lena B Photography's photo challenge.
xo. Kate
(if you would like to borrow these photos to place in a post, please give credit where credit is due)

weekend update

Hi beauties! How was your weekend? Mine was busy.

On Saturday I was at an arts festival downtown. It was hot. I was running on three hours of sleep (you can blame Sarah for that ;)). It was fun though. I forgot my camera, so sorry, no pics today!

Sitting in a backyard with friends is great, unless this backyard has lots of grass and a fountain where mosquitoes love to lay eggs. *scratch scratch* #11bites #iknowthathashtagsareuselesshere

Today, October 8th, is my official blogaversary!! I will be having a celebration later this month. Nothing huge, but maybe a little giveaway will be in there for ya ;) Yay for bloggy awesomeness!!!

Thanks so much for reading my blog! You are amazing :D
xo. Kate

cherry chocolate mug cake {Pamela's Heavenly Treats}

Oct 4, 2012

Hi! My name is Pamela the lovely behind Pamela's Heavenly Treats, where I make healthy cupcakes and cookies mainly, I will dabble in other desserts if need be.  I make all my treats with 100% whole wheat flour and I have a few special ingredients that I also add to give my healthy treats that moist, delicious taste.  I am so excited to be over here at A Creative Cookie with Kate.  Today I have for you Cherry Chocolate Mug Cake a very simple, moist, yummy, delicious, healthy midnight treat!


4 tbsp whole wheat flour
4 tbsp light brown sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
pinch of baking soda
pinch of salt
1 egg
3 tbsp fat free milk
3 tbsp canola oil
1/4 tsp vanilla
3tbsp cherry juice


Mix all the dry ingredients together, then add wet ingredients mixing well, then transfer to a large greased mug.  Place in the microwave on 2-3 minutes on high.  Let cool for 1 minute, you can transfer out of the mug, or eat from the mug.  Pour chocolate glaze on top, and decorate with cherries.

I want to thank Kate for allowing me to guest post on her lovely blog.  Please come and visit me at Pamela's Heavenly Treats and I also have an Etsy Shop where you can get my healthy mixes. 


advertise with me for october.

Oct 1, 2012

This month I have changed up the advertising. I won't be holding group giveaways. I feel they take up too much time organizing everything and contacting winners and frankly, it's a lot of work. 

But, this time, instead of promoting my sponsors through giveaways, I will be promoting them through shout outs on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as pinning their latest posts to Pinterest. I really want to make sure my sponsors have a great experience sponsoring my blog. I've also lowered the prices of my ads.

So I would LOVE to have you as a sponsor this month! Please visit my advertising page if you are interested. (Psst - this month is my first blogaversary and I hope to drive lots of traffic to my site. Some fun things may be happening! ;))

Thanks so much for being awesome! What makes you awesome? Reading this blog, silly.
:) xo. Kate