Super-Easy Sequin Flowers

Jan 31, 2012

This is a sweet little project that I created one day when I was making my mini presents last Christmas! This is kind of a knock off, but they are so cute!
Sequin Flowers are super easy to make! All you need are:

Some flower sequins (in different sizes)
a bead or another shaped sequin, smaller than the others
Green wire or floral wire (as long as its green and can fit through the holes of the sequins!)
Wire pliers

Yep, that's it! Let's get started...
 Pick out a couple of flower-shaped sequins (make sure they have holes in them)

 Bend up each petal.
 Now layer them together, matching up holes

 You can stick another sequin or bead to add more shine, but it would also be fine to leave it empty.
 Stick your wire through the center and make a loop.
 I also stuck a sequin on the back for stability, then did a kind of zig-zag bend to keep it all on.

Ta Daaa!

 You could use these flowers to adorn anything! 

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Pom Pom Part Series Part 2 - DIY Pom Poms!

Jan 28, 2012

Today I am happy to present the second part of the Pom Pom Party series!
Today I have a tutorial on how to make your own pom poms!!!

Now these are super simple to make! All they take are...
 Some yarn (the more yarn, the fluffier pom pom!)
A big rubber band

 Start by wrapping yarn around some fingers. The more fingers you use, the larger the pom pom.
 Wrap loosely enough so you would be able to pull the yarn off your fingers.
 When you have about this much (the exact amount doesn't really matter), cut it off. Now, carefully pull ALL the yarn off your fingers, keeping it in it's 'circle' shape.

Now pinch it right in the middle, so that it kind of looks like a bow. Make sure you pinch it so there are loops on either side like this:

 Now take your rubber band, stretch it around where your fingers just were (with the loops on either side) and tie the band as tight as you can!

 Now cut through all the loops on each side!

 Above is 'Before'. Now you must fluff it up and re-adjust the pom pom! Also, trim your pom pom so all sides are relatively even.

 The finished product!

Did you miss Part 1 - Pom Pom Love bugs? Click link for post.
Join me next week for Pom Pom Earrings!

xo. Kate

Sneak Peek and Link Parties

Jan 26, 2012

Hello A Creative Cookie readers!

I wanted to share a quick sneak peek at Saturday's next part in the Pom Pom Party series!
We'll be making our own pom poms! They are super simple to make - I have a ton of them. Make sure to check back in on Saturday to see the full tutorial.

There are some great linky parties today! 
It's my new obsession.

Pom Pom Party Series Part 1 - Love Bug

Jan 25, 2012

Today is my very first part of the Pom Pom Party series!

Today I am going to be making a cute little Love Bug:
Isn't it cute! I had so much fun today putting my pom pom crafts together!

Three pom poms (preferably in 'love' colors - pink, red, purple)
Needle and thread
Googly eyes
Two one-inch pieces of chenille stem

 Start by threading the needle through the pom poms.

(Sneak Peek) Pom Pom Party! - First Series

Jan 24, 2012

I have gotten enough crafts together to create my own mini series:

There are so many great crafts, especially for kids, that can be made from these fuzzy little balls!

I hope to start as soon as I can (after all, this is a Sneak Peek!)

If you would like to do a guest post in this series, please email me at 
acreativecookie (at) gmail (dot) com

Keep checking back this week for the first post!

'Hairy' Yarn Cuff

Jan 17, 2012

This project was just an experiment. But once I started wrapping the yarn around the cuff, I knew I was on to something! Let's get started...

"hairy" yarn
used ribbon spools
Embellishments (if you want to add some rhinestones or something)
just a bit of glue (Elmer's)

 Start with a ribbon spool (use one that's bigger than your arm)

 Now rip off the cardboard covers. Sometimes the bottom one can be a bit difficult.

Now cut some yarn. I guessed and around five feet worked just fine.

 Start wrapping the cuff with the yarn.
 It takes a little while, but the 'hair' covers more than you think.
Now make a knot and add a little dot of glue on it, so it won't untie.

You're done!

 I had a little fun with photography above. ;)

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Jan 14, 2012

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 Have some ideas? Contact me! I'd love to feature them!
xo. Kate