Pom Pom Party Series Part 1 - Love Bug

Jan 25, 2012

Today is my very first part of the Pom Pom Party series!

Today I am going to be making a cute little Love Bug:
Isn't it cute! I had so much fun today putting my pom pom crafts together!

Three pom poms (preferably in 'love' colors - pink, red, purple)
Needle and thread
Googly eyes
Two one-inch pieces of chenille stem

 Start by threading the needle through the pom poms.
 Once you've done that, come back around so there's two strings in between each pom pom. Your needle should come back out where you started. Pull the string as tight as possible (without breaking it of course) and then knot it. The string will sink back into the pom poms and create a little bit of space in between each ball.

 Now bend your chenille stem pieces into candy cane shapes and glue those and the eyeballs on.

 Let dry for atleast 2 hours, depending on what kind of glue you used. I used Elmers and it surprisingly held up great! 

If you would like to add some sparkly glitter, just put a VERY thin and light coat of Elmers glue on the top of each pom pom and sprinkle a LOT of glitter on!

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