Guest Post {Scout's Stitches}

May 27, 2012

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Hey everyone! *phew* third post today! I promise i'm finished! But first I have a super cool guest post for you.

Today I am so excited to introduce to you my lovely friend, Zoe from Scout's Stitches! She will be sharing with us an adorable...

A Vintage Spring Table Runner
Hello A Creative Cookie readers! I am so excited to be here and share a project with you today!!

My name is Zoe and I blog over at Scout's Stitches. I blog about a variety of things- crafts, quilting, sewing, cooking and gardening. I try to keep it fun and random. I would love if you came and checked out my site!

This spring I decided to make a table runner. I wanted it to be bright and cheery so that it would make me happy every time I saw it. I had a bunch of vintage floral fabrics that belonged to my grandmother. I mixed in one fabric that I had purchased at Wal-Mart. 
Do you want to make your own spring table runner? Here is how I did it!

You will need:
5-6 different coordinating floral fabrics, a fat quarter is plenty of each
(I chose mainly greens and blues with a pop of pink) 
Rotary Cutter
Basting Spray
Batting (at least 13 1/2" X 40 1/2")
Fabric for backing (I made mine 13 1/2" X 40 1/2")
Fabric for binding or bias tape (about 3 yards length)

How To:
Cut out strips of the fabrics in a variety of 1", 2", and 3" by 13 1/2" long.

I chose to keep my accent strips (the pink) all 1" strips.

Arrange strips in an order that you like. I tried to get mine to be about 40" total, but the length can vary.

Sew each piece to the adjacent, right sides together. Press seams after sewing.

Once the top is done cut the batting and backing to be a little bit larger than the top.

Using basting spray stack the backing, the batting and the top.

Quilt along seams in contrasting thread color. 

When it comes to adding the binding I still have to check back with a tutorial I found a long time ago. It explains making bias tape and binding the quilt a lot better than I ever could!

Here is the link- How To Bind a Quilt

The video shows how to hand sew it to the back, but I usually just sew it on with coordinating thread on the machine.

And then you are done! Enjoy Your new table runner!!

 What the binding looks like on the back.

 Larger view of the back.

Thanks again for having me Kate!!!!
That is sooo pretty, Zoe! I love the fabrics.
Be sure to check out Zoe's...
{Blog} {Tutorials page}

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Photos: Hummingbirds

Sorry I haven't been on the blog lately. Have you heard of Comicon? Yep, I'm a nerd like that! But you can blame it all on my brother who wanted to go. ;)

Sit back and enjoy these photos of hummingbirds who were flitting around in my backyard a while ago.


Earlier I came across a photo with the quote:

"Remember those who served. All gave some, some gave all."

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
xo Kate

DIY Spool Necklace

May 19, 2012

This spool necklace is super easy and takes no time at all! I shared it at Through the Eyes of the Mrs. yesterday, in case you missed it!
Let's get started...

Medium-sized wooden spools ($1.99, Joann)
Embroidery floss
Chain (stolen from an old necklace!)
Metal jump ring
Elmer's glue

1. Start by wrapping your thread around the spool.
2. Finish wrapping and make sure it is as tight as possible.
3. Slide a jump ring over the thread and glue the rest of the thread down tightly (spread the glue across the thread with your finger)
4. Slide your chain through the jump ring, and you're done!

What do you think?
xo, Kate

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Photos: challenge part 1

May 18, 2012

In case you missed it, I'm participating in Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge.
I've been sharing some of the photos on my Facebook page as well!
Here we go...

Day 1: peace

Day 2: skyline

Day 3: something you wore today

Day 4: fun!

Day 5: bird

Day 6: you
{this is me when I was little}

Day 7: someone that inspires you
I missed this day! Whoops!

Day 8: a smell you adore
I missed this one too!

Day 9: something you do every day

Day 10: a favorite word

Day 11: kitchen

Day 12: something that makes you happy

Day 13: mom
{No, my mom is not a flower. The rose represents Mother's Day celebrations ;)}

Day 14: grass

Day 15: love
{Vintage locket? YES}

Day 16: what you're reading
Missed! That day was really busy....

Day 17: snack
{crackers, anyone?}

Color a Pot with Sharpie

May 14, 2012

I love adding fun little pieces to any part of my room for simple storage! This little pot can hold trinkets, bobby pins, paperclips, a plant (of course!), etc. on a desk or by the bed. Here's how I prettified it...
1. Sketch out a simple design with a pencil.
2. Trace over it with Sharpie
3. (optional) Add something cute on the bottom or inside!
4. Add color with more permanent markers. Be sure to test the color before on the inside/bottom of the pot to make sure it shows up (only a few did for me out of several colors).

Cute! What will you use yours for?

Guest Post {Crafting in the Rain}

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! I hope your day is going great!
Well today I am so excited to have Steph from Crafting in the Rain (seriously, SO excited!) share with us a brilliant DIY travel case for your earrings! Here ya go...


Hey everybody!  Huge thanks to Kate for having me post on her blog.  I'm Steph and my blog is Crafting in the Rain.  Today's project is a cool little travel case for your earrings made out of baby wipes lids.  Have I piqued your interest?  Here's how you can make one too. Here's your supply list: 

2 snap-type baby wipes lids (mine are from Costco's Kirkland brand)
Window screen E6000 Mod Podge Brush Paper or Fabric Scissors 

 1--Cut piece of window screen to fit between the "bottom" parts of the two lids
2--Cut paper or fabric to cover the two lids (or "tops")  I used some scrap paper first to get the right shape, then traced it on the paper I actually wanted to use. 

3--Using Mod Podge, glue the paper down onto the lids.  Cover the paper with Mod Podge too.  Let dry.
4--Place screen on one bottom, squeeze E6000 around the edge and push the other bottom down on it.  Lay the whole thing on the table with a couple of heavy books on it until it dries completely.

5--Pick out the earrings you want for your trip and stick them through the window screen.  Secure posts with earring backs.  The number of pairs that will fit depends on their size of course.  But I think it would make a great "gift box" for earrings too.
Thanks for checking it out, and I'd love to see if you make one too!  If you liked this, be sure to stop by my blog to check out how to make earrings like the one in my case, 
as well join my Make a Splash challenges.

Thanks Steph! This is sooo amazing! 
Be sure to check out her:

Kid's Craft: Coffee Filter Flowers for Mom

May 12, 2012

Happy one-day-early Mother's Day! In case you missed it, I shared these sweet flowers over at The Train to Crazy. If you've never been there, go check her lovely blog out!

Since mother's day is coming up super-duper soon, these flowers would be a great quick and easy craft for little ones (I did mine with a three-year-old) to make for their moms or grandmas.
Let's get started...

Coffee filters
Pipe cleaners/chenille stems
Washable markers (must be washable for the tie-dye look)
Spray bottle full of water
Beads (optional)

Step 1: Color a design on your coffee filter. I found it works best if you add lots of ink to each part.
Step 2: Put it on top of newspaper, and spray it with water. The more you spray, the more the colors will mix.
Step 3: Lay outside to dry.
Step 4: Layer them (totally optional) and pierce the center with a pipe cleaner. Fold down the bit that is poking through so it won't slide off. (If you bead the stem, fold the end over the same way too.)
Fluff the flowers as much as you please!

Enjoy your flowers or give a bouquet to Grandma! xoxo Kate
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  The Southern Institute

Guest Post {A Baker's House}

May 6, 2012

Happy Sunday!
Today we have a {lovely} guest post from Holly @ A Baker's House.
Enjoy the yummy goodness! 

A beautiful bunch of cupcake roses!

I couldn't be happier to share this sweet bouquet of cupcake roses with you today. Thanks so much to Kate for the opportunity! I hope you'll enjoy making this as much as I did. I orignally saw the idea for a cupcake bouquet on Pinterest and knew I had to try it myself.
Mini cupcakes
Flower pot or other container
Popsicle sticks
Syrofoam base
Green tissue paper
Step 1: Bake your cupcakes and allow to cool. Poke a small hole in the base of the cupcake
with a toothpick. This is similar to pre-drilling a hole in wood. Making the small hole with
the toothpick first allows the popsicle stick to go into the cupcake with less effort.
Step 2: Put the popsicle sticks into the cupcakes. If the cupcakes seem to fall off the sticks,
just melt some chocolate and dip the sticks into the chocolate first before putting them into the cupcakes.

I didn't have that trouble with these mini cupcakes but regular-sized cupcakes might need the extra step.
Step 3: Insert your styrofoam into the base of the container. You'll need a snug fit so press it in tightly
or use some floral tape (or glue) to secure the base to the container.I added some green tissue paper
fringed to look like grass. Other options are things like parsley or Easter basket grass.
Step 4: This is the only tricky part to this process and it isn't hard to master at all! Go on, try it!
Using a star shaped icing tip, start in the middle of the cupcake.
Step 5: Continue to swirl the icing around in a circle all the way out to the edge of the cupcake.
Look how easy that was-- it's a rose!

Step 6: Keep making roses until your cupcake bouquet is full and beautiful. I used a dozen mini cupcakes in this bouquet.
Wouldn't these be sweet on a dessert table at a baby shower or wedding shower?
Or make them for Mom for Mother's Day? 
Use different colors and themes throughout the year and this will become
a favorite way for you to enjoy eating (and looking at!) cupcakes.
These are beautiful, Holly!
Don't forget to visit her and say hi! (Or check out these delish Oatmeal Fudge Bars by Holly!)


May 5, 2012

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Bye bye FTF.

May 3, 2012

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Remember Five Things Friday?

I've actually missed about four of them. I'm super sorry about that. But, it just wasn't working for me. It wasn't fun to write, to share, to read... so today is bye bye FTF!

BUT there are lots of exciting things going on instead! I am excited to introduce two new topics - 5 Tips and Photos:. You might've already seen my first Photos: post - Photos: Dandelions

There are many more to come! Especially because this month I am participating in the May photo challengee @ Fat Mum Slim! If you are on my Facebook page, you might've seen the first few photos. I'll be sharing them here on my blog every week or so, so stay tuned!

On to 5 Tips! 5 Tips is a post where I share five simple tips for... pretty much anything! 5 Tips for adding color to a bedroom... 5 Tips for blog design... etc. This is going to be so much fun! ;)

Because the weekly wordless wednesday/link party thursday you see on other blogs don't really work out for me, Photos: and 5 Tips will be posted as often as possible. Maybe every week, maybe every 10 days. Just be sure to follow along so you know the next time one is posted!

Stay tuned for more excitement!