New Years

Dec 31, 2011

Happy New Years!

May this new year be filled with smiles and creativity!

I am pondering my resolutions as I create this post! 
I haven't given it much thought at all. 2012 has certainly sneaked up on me this year (same with Christmas)!

Okay - with this coming year, I know i'll be very busy. (This winter break has been glorious)

I resolve to build up my blog, create more crafts, and simply make life more fun!

Happy a happy New Year and enjoy the countdown to 2012!
xo. Kate

Game Cards Gift

Dec 21, 2011

I created these simple playing game cards for anytime anyone needs a little challenge in their day, or in a long boring car ride.

Hole Punch
Heavy Cardstock/ light cardboard cards (mine are bought from, but I can't seem to find them)
Key ring or wire ring to hold cards together (not pictured)
Markers or Sharpies

Wrapping Gifts for Christmas the Creative Way

I've been busy shopping, crafting, and wrapping all week. Here's some ideas for wrapping your gifts the creative way! 

Here's what I had:
 I wanted to do something cute and fun. So, I gathered both sides and tied them with ribbon.

 It looks like a piece of candy!

Here's also a cute, simple way of wrapping a gift. We'll call it 'Santa's Bag'

I just popped the present into a paper bag with tissue paper and tied with ribbon. Such a cute look!

Merry Christmas!

a Visit With Family

Dec 20, 2011

The other day we drove up North to spend some time with family!
 My cousin's dog, Mocha, wouldn't let me get a picture of her face. I trailed her all through the woods to get the awesome picture of a dog in the snow. Too bad

 Little cuties!!!
 The beautiful snow in the sunlight. Something I do not get to see

I'd love to hear about your Christmas!
xo. Kate

Linky Parties & Blogs

Dec 15, 2011

If you haven't noticed, I haven't been spending much time on my blog. December is the busiest month, and by busiest I mean 12 Days of Craziness. Tomorrow we drive up to the mountains to have an early family Christmas with cousins. 

I've been joining lots of Linky parties on different blogs. I've found their a great way to advertise and find others' blogs and ideas. Here are two:
Holiday Home Link Party
Thrifty Decor Chick
Holly Bloggy Christmas
Tatertots & Jello
These are tons of fun and super easy!!! 
(to add a Link Party to your blog, go here)

I'd like to share a few more awesome blogs because it's almost Christmas and there are SO MANY ideas out there! (click to go to website)

Landee See, Landee Do

Crumbs and Chaos

That's all I have! I hope you enjoy these blogs.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Places to Stop by for Craft Supplies

Dec 10, 2011

There are so many awesome places to shop for new craft supplies! Here's a guide for you on places you can shop for supplies.
Joann Fabric and Craft Stores Home Page
This is a must/duh. Same with Michaels.....
The top two places for crafts. Although, sometimes they can be a bit expensive. Another GREAT place for craft supplies is, of course, Hobby Lobby.
Hobby Lobby Logo
These are my three favorites!!! Of course, we can't forget the wonderful powers of online shopping.
                                  The name practically tells it all! Discount craft supply store.

Styrofoam Cone Crafts

Since so many things are made out of these:

I thought I'd create a post on all the crafts you can do with cones!
(Click for tutorial)
Yes, most of them are Christmas trees, but I couldn't help myself!
Here are six crafts you can make with these styrofoam cones!

Isn't this Yarn Christmas Tree adorable? I love the star - gotta have one!
Cone Christmas Tree

This non-Christmas Tree craft caught my eye - its so colorful and creative!
Felt and Styrofoam Elves Santas Little Helpers: Felt and Styrofoam Elves
Santa's Little Helpers: Felt and Styrofoam Craft

These colorful and festive trees are so cute! So easy to personalize to match any holiday theme
Glitter Cardstock Trees

Now these are definitely dazzling! I am in love with all the garlands all put together in one adorable centerpiece!
Dazzling Christmas Centerpiece
Spangled Tree Display

So simple and cute! 
Gumdrop Tree Craft
Gumdrop Trees

a Tour of My Christmas Bedroom

Dec 2, 2011

I love Christmas! I'm a total Christmas junkie. Every year I decorate my room. I'm going to share it with you!

 I hung a Santa Hat on the corner of my desk
 Fill a glass cylinder with small ornaments

 I took red and white chenille stems and twisted them together. Then I tied strips of felt and gold fabric to make a festive door decor
My mini Christmas tree with a cute mini tree skirt (red felt decorated) and my little mini presents. I used some fluff (you can use cotton balls) for the snow.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this post. Have tons of fun decorating your house/room!
xo. Kate

Mini Presents

A small wooden block (you can use a Jenga block or even a matchbox)
Clear tape
Small bow or ribbon for decor (not pictured)
Scrap wrapping paper
 Wrap the block and tape