Game Cards Gift

Dec 21, 2011

I created these simple playing game cards for anytime anyone needs a little challenge in their day, or in a long boring car ride.

Hole Punch
Heavy Cardstock/ light cardboard cards (mine are bought from, but I can't seem to find them)
Key ring or wire ring to hold cards together (not pictured)
Markers or Sharpies

 Punch a hole in the corner of one card
 Now hold two cards together and trace the inside of the circle to match up holes

 Do the same for all of them
Now decorate your cards with puzzles and make a cover card
 You can cut out puzzles from the newspaper
 Or make a maze! I had to trace this from a magazine onto tracing paper, then transfer that to the card.
 My cover card
On most of the cards were scrambled words. Here's a list of some you can do (these are difficult ones):

RATTEOTT (tatertot)
MPUDORG (gumdrop)
DUNYALR (laundry)
YOWBEER (eyebrow)
HERTORB (brother)

Have fun gaming!
xo. Kate