Kid's Tree Craft

Oct 27, 2013

Last month I was asked to do a craft for the kids at my church. We were telling the story of Zacchaeus (the little man that climbed the tree, remember?) and I decided to do a cute tree craft!
 This is a simple project that could easily be a "thankful tree" for fall, too! You will need: scissors, scrapbook paper, white cardstock, brown construction paper, and a glue stick.

Start by preparing all the supplies. Print out this file onto your white cardstock (optional). Cut out a leaf shape to use as a stencil and trace it onto the back of the scrapbook paper until you have traced as many as possible. Cut the leaves out. (I used almost 20 leaves for my sample to show the kids, but most of them used only 5-10. You will probably only need one sheet per kid) Then, cut a trunk shape out of brown construction paper. I just drew this simple shape:
Pull out your glue sticks and let the kids get to work! 

Art Museum

Oct 2, 2013

 This weekend I went to the Phoenix Art Museum downtown with my family. We walked around for a few hours then left to get some lunch at The Habit (a cool burger place we tried for the first time). We had a really nice time! They had their "Art of Video Games" room up this month, so we spent a lot of time there. ;) I rocked at Pacman!
I saw a Monet and my dad saw a Picasso! They even had the painting of George Washington that the dollar bill was made after. In one of the photos below, you'll see part of one of Mrs. James Ward Thorne's miniature houses.