'Hairy' Yarn Cuff

Jan 17, 2012

This project was just an experiment. But once I started wrapping the yarn around the cuff, I knew I was on to something! Let's get started...

"hairy" yarn
used ribbon spools
Embellishments (if you want to add some rhinestones or something)
just a bit of glue (Elmer's)

 Start with a ribbon spool (use one that's bigger than your arm)

 Now rip off the cardboard covers. Sometimes the bottom one can be a bit difficult.

Now cut some yarn. I guessed and around five feet worked just fine.

 Start wrapping the cuff with the yarn.
 It takes a little while, but the 'hair' covers more than you think.
Now make a knot and add a little dot of glue on it, so it won't untie.

You're done!

 I had a little fun with photography above. ;)

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