Super-Easy Sequin Flowers

Jan 31, 2012

This is a sweet little project that I created one day when I was making my mini presents last Christmas! This is kind of a knock off, but they are so cute!
Sequin Flowers are super easy to make! All you need are:

Some flower sequins (in different sizes)
a bead or another shaped sequin, smaller than the others
Green wire or floral wire (as long as its green and can fit through the holes of the sequins!)
Wire pliers

Yep, that's it! Let's get started...
 Pick out a couple of flower-shaped sequins (make sure they have holes in them)

 Bend up each petal.
 Now layer them together, matching up holes

 You can stick another sequin or bead to add more shine, but it would also be fine to leave it empty.
 Stick your wire through the center and make a loop.
 I also stuck a sequin on the back for stability, then did a kind of zig-zag bend to keep it all on.

Ta Daaa!

 You could use these flowers to adorn anything! 

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