diy paperclip bookmarks.

Oct 27, 2012

I love paperclip bookmarks. They take two minutes to make and slip right into your book!
This rosette bookmark is my favorite. To make the rose, follow these steps: 1. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric. (Make sure your fabric is thin enough to easily twist) The rectangle can be any size. I think mine was 2x5inches 2. Tie a knot in one end 3. Start wrapping the fabric around the knot, twisting as you go. 4. Glue the paperclip on the back of the rosette. 5. Cover with the end of the fabric.

This bow was cut from leggings from a costume store. They were so cute I had to save them. Just hot glue the paperclip on. So easy!

I bought a bag full of adorable flower cabochons from Mindy Mae's Market. This is just one of them that didn't come with a match. It looked great as a bookmark! Hot glue this one as well.

For this button bookmark, sandwich the paperclip between the buttons, and hot glue them together.

These are sooo easy and are perfect little gifts to slip into cards or goodie bags.
Have a fabulous day! <3
xo. Kate