Travel Dry-Erase Board

Oct 9, 2011

As a continued part of my my mission of recycling DVD's and their cases, (click to read about it) I have invented the easiest craft that can be taken along in the car as well! It is my dry-erase board made out of a DVD case. Keep your kids entertained in the car.

1 DVD case with the paper still in it
Dry-erase markers

Start by bending the DVD case backwards, so you can pull the piece of paper out. Once you have pulled it out, flip it over. It should be glossy white on the back.

Stick about five tissues inside plus a few dry-erase markers and YOU'RE DONE!!!
Now wasn't that easy? 

Show your kids a few games! Print out cards of Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, or Connect the Dots with instructions and pictures to keep inside the cases.
You can also print out black and white scenes for kids to color in, then erase and start all over! They can also add their own drawings to the scenes as well.

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