High-Tech CD Box

Oct 9, 2011

I found myself with a huge box of about 35 DVDs that were going to be thrown out. It is now my mission to reuse and recycle all these disks and their cases. I pulled out a hot glue gun and got to work on different crafts using all these disks.

9 DVDs or CDs
A hot glue gun with lots of glue

 Now heat up that hot glue gun and pump out lots of glue to hold it in place. Make sure to get it on both bottoms of each disk.

 The covers of each disk are still showing. :(

Once you glue another set on, they will be covered.

Here are some more ways to use this box!

Use the box as a tissue-box cover

Hold headphones and cords in the box.

Make the high-tech CD box a CD box!

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