Plastic Bead Chain Anklet

Oct 9, 2011

Have all those plastic beads floating around your house from parties? Here's a solution to turning it into a unique anklet.

One beaded necklace (party store)

Count out six beads on one part of the necklace. The little piece of string below the third on each side is the part you are going to twist.

Twist them together.

Twist it a second time. Do it gently because these strings break easily when too much pressure is put on.

Continue to make loops of six all along the anklet. When it comes to the end, there will be two strands left. One may be longer than the other.

Pull the longer strand through the first loop on the other side.

This is the clasping loop. Whenever you want to wear this anklet, this is what you are going to redo and undo to put it on. Only twist it once.

Once you have twisted the clasping loop once, there will be leftover beads. Cut them so that two are left. If you need the anklet to be longer, don't cut as many off. The less you cut off, the more adjustable it is.

Now get out the glue and glue every twist or just some twists that look breakable. (These bead strands break easily)

And you're done!
xo. Kate