Plastic Bag Flower

Oct 23, 2011

I was inspired to create a plastic bag flower when I saw some wilting lilies. They looked just like plastic, so I decided to pull out some bags and start snipping!

Brown or white plastic bag
Hot glue gun (requires little glue)
Floral wire (that's what I used), a pipe cleaner (for kids), or some floral tape and something to wrap it around

 Start with one bag (above) Below is a picture of a real lily petal. Try to mimic the shape while cutting out a plastic bag petal.

 Cut out a shape like this

 Hot glue the end and pinch it shut. It should look sort of twisted up.

 It should look something like this.

 Next, crinkle up the glued petal into a ball and unfold it.

 Unfold the petal. It looks like this.

 Glue all the petals together from the pinched spot by layering one on top of the other. There will be a hard knot in the center where all the petals are glued

 You can attach a floral stem (craft stores) if you like by gluing it to the center knot.

The flower! Done!