Ribbon Hairpiece

Nov 4, 2011

Here is a purple bow before:
The ribbon hanging from it was kind of awkward, so I simply pulled it out.
Ta Da!!!! I tried putting the bow in my hair, but it was also awkward, so I decided to put the ribbon with a bobby pin in my hair. It was so cute I decided to make one and share it on my blog!

Thin ribbon that doesn't fray easily
a bobby pin
an inch or two of wire
wire pliers (not in pic)
hot glue gun or another fast-drying glue (not in pic)
 Make a figure eight out of the ribbon

 Wrap a piece of wire around the middle

 This is what you should have so far

 Wrap a little piece around the wire to hide it and glue the end down. 
(In the following pictures, there will be another strand of ribbon hanging down. I should have added one in one of the previous steps, but caught myself after I wrapped the wire. So, I just slid it through an opening in the wire and it turned out okay) 
 Attach a bobby pin and/or glue it there

Now I have two!
xo. Kate