Bow Tie Necklace

Nov 7, 2011

I love this necklace! Sorry for the grainy picture, I just couldn't wait until morning for photos!
This idea was adapted from, where she made these, but a single triangle (earrings).
I thought they were so cute, so I decided to twist the idea up and create a modern-looking (at least for teens) necklace!

Two paper clips
Embroidery thread
Glue (I used Elmer's)
A jewelry clasp
Any designs or more thread to decorate (I used silver thread)

Start with one normal paperclip 

 Bend one prong

 Now bend another

 Keep bending!
 There! Done bending!

 Now start wrapping the thread around the wire (Add a little glue before wrapping around)
 Finished and glued!
 Now start wrapping the whole triangle
Note the little hole at the point
 I wrapped mine with silver thread. You could also wrap it with another color or add small embellishments
 Now make your other triangle and put them together.
 Tie them together with another piece of thread
 Now braid some more thread and knot it. This will be your chain
 Add a small jewelry hoop to a corner of one of the triangles
And a clasp to the chain. Now glue the other end of the braid to the other side of the triangle (measure around your neck first)

 Your done!
 Have fun with your necklace!