Ombre Napkin Ring (from tape dispenser roll!)

Feb 24, 2012

This project costs practically nothing, since the actually napkin ring is made from your trash. More specifically, the plastic tape roll inside the tape dispenser!

This is a great ombre project! In case you aren't familiar with the definiton of ombre, you can find it right here.

One plastic ring tape dispenser (I seriously have no idea what to call them - tape rolls?)
about 3-6  long pieces of embroidery floss in one general color, ranging from light to dark
a bit of glue

 Start with the tape dispenser roll...

 ... and time to get out all those millions of packs of embroidery floss we all know we have! (atleast I do!)
 Mark off even sections, depending on how many different shades of color you are using (I used 5)
 Start wrapping!
When you switch to a new color, you can either tie off the first color you're using, or (like I did) just wrap the next color over the [first] end of the strand.

To tie off, simply knot or glue (I kind of did both!) whatever bits are sticking out. You're done!

(P.S. I spent the day at the lake - so pretty!)

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