Monster Mash Party Reveal!

Feb 25, 2012

I had this party eons ago, I just never got to posting it!

Today's the lucky day I reveal it! Have fun browsing these 'scary' fun ideas!

1. Monster Cupcakes
Inspired by these monster cupcakes, I had fun with different pipes and colors. To make the eye,
all you have to do is cut off the corner of a marshmallow then stick on a Junior Mint! These were super easy. For the last cupcake, I did stripes of all three colors. That was the cupcake that went on top of the cupcake tree.

2. Monster Pop-Ups (prizes/party favors)
Bought from here at $4.00/dozen! This place, Oriental Trading, has great party supplies and crafts for kids!!!
I used these Monster Pop-Ups as prizes (winners get first pick), but they are awesome as favors as well!

3. Utensil Cup
I needed a matching (purple + aqua) utensil holder. I grabbed a blue cup, and using washable Elmer's glue, I glued googly eyes all over it!

4. Monster Lollipops
I bought these here (Oriental Trading Co.). I have to say, the red suckers were a favorite!

5. Displaying the Monster Pops
I displayed them on the purple napkins surrounding the centerpiece (photo 8)

6. Googly Eyes 
This was a common theme throughout the party. I organized a game (which the kids loved!) of a googly eye scavenger hunt. Before the party, I hid several large (smaller for older kids) googly eyes around the house. I hid about 5-9 googly eyes per person. Sometimes if the kids were bored or finished eating early, they would search for googly eyes. It was a great game that lasted throughout the party!

7. Monster Cupcakes
Yep, more of them!!! Yum!

8. The Centerpiece
This was probably the girliest part of the party (it was a girl party). I took purple napkins and made a giant ring of them around a cake platter that had pink ribbon (from previous tea parties) that wove in and out of the decorative edges. I placed a cupcake tree (I bought it from Taste Of Home, but I can't find the product on their site!) on top, which held all the monster cupcakes.

That was it! I also bought some monster magnets that were fun! Most of the kids arranged the pieces in completely different ways (tossing the instructions!) and made unique monsters!

Some more photos from the party:

 The final centerpiece!

Merry monster-ing!!! :]
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