(Disabling) Word Verification Comments (for the 'old' Blogger interface)

Feb 27, 2012

Don't you hate it when you leave a comment and you see this?
I've created a quick (and amazingly easy!) tutorial on how to disable this feature. But first...

The reasons you should disable word verification:
You might be losing comments. 
Your readers might write a comment then, unknowingly, leave the page without realizing there was another step to commenting

It takes a lot longer with word verification
Leaving a comment is a two-step process. It takes a while. (especially with a slower computer)

The pictures are hard to read
I hate it when the photos are difficult to read, then I end up taking forever leaving a comment because I keep getting it wrong.

All these things could lead up to readers who won't leave comments.
Also, you should know,
I've never had any trouble with spam (ever since I started 'no verification' comments), but you should check your spam box every week or so.
I also have my comments set so I moderate them by email whenever someone leaves a new comment.

Now, onto disabling this feature!
It's super simple and easy!

Go to dashboard > settings > comments
scroll down to 'show word verification?'
Check the box that says 'no'
You're done! Now it makes it easier for your readers to leave comments. :]

(In the comments below) I was told that this only works in the 'old' Blogger interface. I have decided
not to switch to the new interface (I think it's more difficult to use) yet.
For new bloggers, this tutorial will
not work. Once I get more familiar with the new interface, I'll post new updates (for the new blogger interface). :]

Have any questions about Blogger and how to use it? Email me! I'll try to answer your question as best I can!

xo. kate