Nerd Monster Valentines

Feb 9, 2012

Hooray! Valentine's Day is almost here... and I have some super easy valentines to go with it!

Wonka Nerds boxes
Paper or craft foam
googly eyes (optional)

Start with some Nerd boxes...

 Cover the box with paper and tape in the back
 Glue on eyes and mouth. Now you can add a   To: From:   paper on the back.
Finished with the first monster!

Cookie Monster:
 Cover with paper or foam (I only had blue craft foam in 'Cookie Monster' color)
 Glue on eyes and mouth. Now make a cookie out of brown paper + marker. Fold one side down a bit and glue the flap to the mouth.

Done with monsters!
 You can make monsters from any square candy - candy heart boxes for example.
 Try testing out different characters: Spongebob squarepants would be easy (since he's square), other Sesame Street characters, or some animals (elephant, fish, dog, cat).
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

xo. Kate