Yarn Pot (completely made of yarn!)

Feb 9, 2012

So this yarn pot was kind of an experiment. It's a fun craft though and the outcome looks great!
Plus you can use any yarn to coordinate with room colors.

Elmer's glue
Piece of cardboard

Start with your square of cardboard... (mine's rounded at the edges, but it doesn't really matter because
you're cutting the remains off anyway)

 Start with the end of your yarn and glue it down.

Cover the whole square and start wrapping until the whole square is covered.

 Now start wrapping upwards. Glue as much as you can. Wrap once around, cover that ring with glue. Wrap another ring, top it off with glue. It can be pretty messy at first.

This process takes 2-3 days to completely finish and dry.

This project you must let dry after you've wrapped about five rings. Each time, let it sit for about 3 hours-ish.
If you wrap it all at once, it becomes too flimsy too hold up the weight and will flop.
 The process was finally done after about 2 days!

 Once you've finished wrapping as high as you'd like, snip it off and glue the end inside (just slightly hidden)
The pot was still pretty flimsy when it had dried, so I coated the whole inside with glue (above) and spread it around (below)
 Even after THAT it was still a bit flimsy, so I added a coat on the OUTSIDE. It made it a lot sturdier,
but the yarn isn't as soft.

Now cut off the remains of your cardboard and you are done!
 I'd say this experiment was a SUCCESS!

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