Blog Organization

Feb 12, 2012

I need to organize my blog posts and ideas. What I've previously been doing is keeping stapled pages of all my ideas. I never thought about organizing my blog posts until I read this from The Letter 4 blog.
It has changed my view on blogging... and inspired me!
Creativity can be unleashed!

 My cover - isn't it cute! I am in LOVE with that font!
I love the idea (recommended by The Letter 4) Elsie had. She covered a wall with all her ideas and thoughts!
(real-life Pinterest, anyone?) The Letter 4 put all their ideas on sticky notes!

My binder came with this plastic holder. The sticky notes + pen fit in perfectly!

The Letter 4 has their adorable printable! I created my own, because I don't have any sponsors yet.
Calendar + Notes Printable
This printable can be a little funky - on Google Docs, click 'Download Original'. You might have to
make a few simple changes, and you can personalize it if you like.

How do you organize your blog? I'd love to know!
xo. Kate