The Inspiration Project

Feb 8, 2013

It is a great feeling to be inspired. I love it when i'm surfing the web and I see something that sparks a million ideas in my head.
That's why I've decided to start something called The Inspiration Project  
(Inspiration or T.I.P. for short). I will be posting often (usually about once a week, on any given day) about T.I.P, sharing photos and quotes. Why? Because I love sharing what inspires me, and I hope it will inspire you too. 
(at least this is what it's like for me)
Today is the first day of The Inspiration Project. Ever since the art challenge I did in January, I am so ready to create more! Here are some things that inspire me to whip out those paints and pens:
(from left to right) 12345.

What inspires you?
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