Owl Valentines

Feb 7, 2013

I love Valentine's Day! It's definitely one of my favorite holidays. I love the valentines exchanges, the treats, the hearts... I pretty much love it all. Here are some adorable owl valentines you can create yourself.
Supplies: Solid-colored cardstock, wrapping paper or patterned scrapbook paper, scissors, a glue stick, and a pencil.
First you need to download and print out your templates. To do this, go HERE and click 'download or print'. Cut the shapes out to use as stencils and trace around each one with a pencil on patterned or solid cardstock. Be sure to trace on the back of the paper, so your pencil marks won't show on the front side. You should have two wings, a body, a heart, a beak, one white shape and two smaller black dots (for the eyes).

Now glue the pieces on the body. Getting the wings in the perfect spot can be tricky - this was all hand-drawn so it's not perfect :) You may need to trim a corner off so the edges match.
Aren't they super cute?
Now you can attach a piece of candy on the back with tape and write a cute little owl pun ;)

This project can be time consuming, so I would recommend making these valentines for a small bunch of friends. Don't be afraid to make them all different colors and patterns, too. I even jazzed some up with a thin coat of liquid glue on the wings and sprinkled on glitter.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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