Pysanky Eggs

Mar 16, 2012

What is that weird word up there? ^

I introduce you to the wonderful world of Pysanky eggs:
Pysanky eggs are hollow egg shells with detailed designs, made by putting wax over dye to preserve it, then melting it all off at the end.

Our family's cylinder of Pysanky eggs. Which one's your favorite?

How to make Pysanky eggs:
The egg, the yellow pump, the green poker-holer (does anyone know what it's called?)

1. Start with the egg, and put the green screwdriver on one end. Gently twist it, pushing harder and harder until it makes a perfect little hole
2. Take the pump and SLOWLY and GENTLY pump out the insides until the egg is completely empty

Now you have a hollow egg shell!

Pysanky decorating is covering eggs with hot wax to preserve the dye/color underneath. To 'draw' with wax on your egg, you will need the tool pictured:

No way am I ever that skilled to create such beautiful designs. My hand shakes so bad! Haha

I wanted to share with you an Easter egg with a short story on it. The words swirled down, then flipped around and curved up!

Notice that word, Galinda? That's from the musical Wicked - One of the best musicals ever!

 I made little stars all over the place - it took a while.
 Globe Easter egg! This is one of my favorites, but very difficult to transfer all those shapes from a map to an egg.

 Strawberry egg! That was fun to make!
 I love this 'wild growth' flower egg. I had the hardest time getting all the right colors!
 Scribbling is great for kids and has an awesome outcome!
Thanks for reading! Come back later for a St. Patty's day post!

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