Giant, Decorative Tulle Bow

Mar 17, 2012

Another little girl's room project! You could also use this cute bow to decorate a lamp, or a gift box/bag!
I posted a No-Sew Doll Pillow the other day, go check it out!

One large strip of tulle (about 3' x 1'?)
Hot Glue

 Start with your strip of tulle (It's kind of hard to see - sorry. Look for the purple tint!)

 Take one side and fold it about 3 inches farther that the middle
 Do the same with the other side
 It should be a bit  darker in the center where the tulle overlaps.

Now, cut another piece of tulle and fold that one vertically into thirds

 Pinch the large piece in the middle, and wrap and glue the small, folded piece
 Now go attach it to a mirror, lampshade, wall, hairclip, magnet, belt, purse, or gift box!
 Try experimenting with different sizes and different styles/colors!

xo. Kate