No-Reply Blogger

Mar 5, 2012

If you have a blog, you have probably seen these popping up in your inbox:
I am so sad whenever I see these emails! I love each comment and appreciate it so much, it really disappoints me when I can't reply to comments.

Here's how to make sure you aren't a no-reply blogger!

 Click Edit Profile
Make sure 'show my email address' is checked and fill out the little box with your address.

This is super easy and is only two steps! I hope now I can reply to more of my lovely readers. :]

Don't forget! I've added several ways to follow my blog!
By Email
Linky Followers
(ALL found in the right hand sidebar!) I know, this is almost ridiculous! Haha ;]
To follow my blog, just simple choose which way would suit you best and go with it! <3

xo. Kate