Mini Spring Easter Basket {from paper}

Mar 7, 2012

Based off of this pin here, I made a knock-off and came up with an Easter basket.
It is super easy and would make a great gift for a friend!

6x6 inch square of cardstock (mine's double-sided color)
Scoring tool
Pastel/'Spring color' ribbon (I got my cute green ribbon from here)
Pastel buttons
circle punch

Score two inches in vertically. Then score four inches in. Once you've done one side, flip it around and do the other side.
 Cut into the scoring marks.
 Now cut the two middles into a triangle and each end flap into thirds
 Now fold each flap in, and fold the triangle up.
Glue the punched (or cut out) circle over the tip

 Now do both sides and add a handle (I stitched mine on, but you could also glue it)

I had a fun time taking photos of my basket....

Happy Wednesday!

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