My 2014 Goals

Dec 31, 2013

Today I'd like to share some of my goals for the new year. I feel ready for a change. Then again, I felt like this last year, too. Ha! You can download the adorable printable above here.
1. Blogging
My blog has been feeling kind of stale to me lately. In 2014 my goal is to rename my blog, give it a makeover, and really be good about updating it at least three times a week.
2. Redo my room
This one is already in the works. I've been working on smoothing out my wall for a coat of chalkboard paint! The sad thing is, redoing my room was on my goal list for 2013, too. But I'm finally making it happen!
3. Be more productive
I'm reading a book on simple living right now and one of the things the author talked about was screen time. While I don't watch TV much (Netflix is our go-to. We don't have cable), I am on my computer (and now my iPhone) constantly. I just got rid of my Facebook app in order to try to limit me mindlessly browsing through my feed every 10 minutes.
4. Daily bible reading
I got the Bible Gateway app and have been reading it every day. Having the app on my main page helps me remember to read it, because I see it every time I unlock my phone.

5. Exercising
I hope to start slowly and exercise one a week. I've tried doing an exercising schedule and get a little in each day, but I can never seem to stick to it!

6. Clean
I want to keep my room nice and tidy as much as possible. I just love being in my room when it's clean! Also, I'm going to pick up the house for 15 minutes a few nights a week. A quick pickup can make a huge difference!

What are your resolutions?