5 Tips for Starting a Blog

Apr 28, 2013

Maybe you've been keeping up with your favorite blogs for a while, and now you've decided to start your own! I've gotten several emails from readers asking how they can start their own blog. Here are some of my quick tips...
1. Topic
Pick a topic or two (or three!) that your blog will be mainly about. Make sure that you have lots of post ideas for each topic and it's about something that you really love. Here are some popular categories: fashion, cooking, crafts, photography, lifestyle, beauty, interior design, and parenting.
2. Blog Name
Now that you've got a topic, you get to choose a name! Try to keep it somewhat short (a long blog name is hard to remember) and original. It should, but doesn't have to, reflect you or your topic. If you're planning to buy a domain, see if your name ideas are available before settling on any of them.
3. Design
First impressions are important. A good design should be easy to navigate, not too busy, and pleasing to the eye. You can buy a design, which usually costs somewhere between $60-$300 (I have full design packages for $45 here). Or you can make your own, using Photoshop or this free online editor and coding tutorials (google it!).
4. Photos
If you've ever been on Pinterest, you know how intriguing a big, beautiful photo can be. Almost every post of yours should have at least one photo in it. I like to put my photos at the top, so it will draw the reader in. You don't need to have a fancy camera to take good photos, but these tips can certainly help you.
5. Getting connected
Sign up for a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Bloglovin. These are some of the most popular social media for bloggers. Not only is it fun to chat, pin, and keep up with other bloggers, it's also a great way for people to follow your blog. Another fun way to get plugged in in the blogging world is to participate in linky parties, which are virtual "parties" bloggers have weekly. In their post, you will see a long list of thumbnails that link to specific blogs. Always follow the blogger's simple party rules, and link up your own post! (find a huge list of linky parties here)
What are some of your blogging tips?