My Mini Piñata

Mar 25, 2013

DIY Mini Pinatas
Whenever I have spare time, I take a look at my "must do" Pinterest board where I pin projects I will actually do (!!!). I discovered a tutorial for mini piñatas and took a shot at it. I wanted something fun + modern to match my room, rather than your typical festive + bright piñata, so I made my piñata white. This project is 100% inspired/made from Jordan's mini piñata tutorial, which were made as party favors and are oh so adorable. I made mine a little differently and used it as a decor piece. Let me show you how I did it:
1. Cut two identical donkey shapes out of a cereal box. Now cut strips about 1.5" wide and tape them along each side of the shape. I had to wing it for the ears, because the original tutorial didn't separate them. Basically I cut out eight more square pieces and assembled them to create two tiny boxes. 2. Cut long strips of tissue paper, and fold them in half. Then cut slits down the 'open' edge (not the edge that's the crease of the fold) and glue them on the donkey form. The head and back were tricky, so I just cut + glued individual pieces instead of wrapping. 3. You're done! This project took me about four hours to complete because it took me a while to figure out how to make the form then wrap it. Just load up on some Netflix shows and you're good to go! 

One thing I would have done differently is using white tape instead of gray. The glue I used made parts of the tissue paper see-through, so there are some darker areas because of the tape showing through. Except for that, I love the way it turned out. It's perfect as a bookshelf gem or a decoration for a party!
DIY Mini Pinatas