Valentine Garland d.i.y.

Feb 2, 2013

Yesterday I saw Warm Bodies with some friends. I do NOT have a strong stomach at all, and it's a zombie movie. Zombies eat brains (and people too). Even though it was kinda gross, it was a really cute love story and had several hilarious parts.
Speaking of love (sort of)... I made a cute + simple Valentine's heart garland. You can make one too!
1. Gather some baker's twine (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby) and felt. 2. Cut out a heart shape from paper for your template and pin it to the felt. 3. Cut out several hearts (I made a short garland, so I cut out seven) using the paper as a guideline 4. Hot glue the twine to the back of your hearts.

I love mine! It turned out exactly how I wanted it to :)
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