What I've Been Up To...

Jan 9, 2013

Last weekend I went to California for my cousin's wedding. This is only the third wedding I've ever been to (that I can remember), so it was nice to be able to dress up all fancy-like ;)

As usual, my whole family went down to Dana Point the first day we were there. We go there every time we visit CA and shop in the cute little stores they have. We also went down to the tidepools...
 I even made a new friend, Hummus the hermit crab.
 When we were walking back I noticed two little boys building rock towers. I thought it would make a really cool photo.

"umm... can I take a picture of your rocks?"

One says yes and the other says no, so I figure I will take a few shots because it would be awkward just walking away. But I feel so awkward, I don't get any good ones.
 The beautiful wedding.
 It was so sweet.

 The next day we went to Balboa island and walked around.
 We took a ferry to another area and there were things like bungee jumping and this rickety old ferris wheel my mom said she rode when she was a kid. 

We got frozen bananas and Balboa Bars and then took the 30 second ferry ride back.
Do you have any special places your family visits regularly?