Nov 12, 2012

Hey everyone.
I just spent an hour and nine minutes on this little bloggio. Yep, you guessed it, The Daily Tay.
The Daily Tay
Man oh man, is this girl hilarious. After reading her blog for so long, I think her awesomeness has rubbed off on me. That's a good thing, right?

I am epically failing at being as funny and awesome as her.
Wait, was that funny?
Oh the irony...

Anyways, I can't get enough of it. She's so hysterical. Like, laugh-out-loud hysterical.
And she even wrote a hysterical book.
Best title ever!

Anyways, the reason I was on her blog was because someone tweeted about it and I remember thinking that it was really funny. I felt a little discouraged, because I've been trying to figure how to get a slideshow for my shop in html. I thought I had found it, and did a serious happy dance, only to find out it wasn't what I was looking for. And continued to search for hours and hours on Google.

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

I swear every time I go to the second page of google, I think of this.

So, the moral of this post is, when you're discouraged, go to a funny blog and read it for an hour and nine minutes. I promise you'll feel better.

xo Kate
PS-if you know how to make a slideshow, will you please contact me?