what autumn means... {All Things Blogs}

Sep 19, 2012

Welcome to the fourth part of the Welcome to Autumn Series! My bloggy bestie Sarah is going to share what Autumn means to her and lots of other bloggers.
In case you missed it, parts 1, 2, and 3.
Hi I'm Sarah from All Things Blogs. I decided to see what autumn means to most people, to do that I asked some bloggers to tell me what autumn means to them.  Let's hear what they said!

"Cool crisp air, opening of the windows, leaves changing colors and falling off the trees, evenings sitting by the fire pit roasting marshmallows, going to football games, going from wearing tank tops to nice big sweaters.  Love it when the fall season comes!" ~Pamela @ Pamela's Heavenly Treats

"Autumn means leather boots, fluffy scarves, and neutral tones.
It means snuggling under a blanket watching the leaves turn to the beautiful shades of fall.
It is busting out your vanilla creme and cinnamon spice candles that you've been impatiently waiting to burn.
It's enjoying your Starbucks caramel latte while wandering through a pumpkin patch, searching for the perfect one to carve.
Autumn is knowing the holidays are coming, and preparing to spend time with the people who make your life worth living.
And lastly, it means devouring that HUGE slice of freshly-baked apple pie made by the sweet old ladies at your local apple orchard." ~ Katie @ Lady Million

"Autumn mean family and peace, joy and love, and I can't wait for it." ~ Danette @ All My Love for All My Days

"Autumn means.. sweatpants, cuddling, drinking hot tea, SCHOOL!, football and leaves changing color. 
Those are all the things I love about fall!
I love wearing sweatpants while cuddling and drinking hot tea at school while watching football and the leaves changing colors outside.
I combined them all into a sentence.. brownie points?" ~ Natalie @ Looking Through The Lens

"To me fall means wearing cute sweaters, warm colours, and looking forward to Christmas around the corner!" ~ Shannon @ Polish and Sugar

"Fall is probably my favorite time of the year, especially the turning of the seasons. I have lived in the North East for almost 10 years.  The changing of the leaves and the release of the heat into cool but not cold temps is so amazing.  My roommate and I typically take a road trip for a day or two upstate into the just to see the beautiful colors of fall. We also take a trip apple picking with our church.  Oh man I love fall.  All of the apple and pumpkin recipes.  Man, i could just keep going." ~ Kim @ SingleDou{b}t

"For me Autumn always has that excitement and slight tension with back to school.  I've almost always been either a student or a teacher and now I work at the local university and run Orientation so Autumn is a pretty big deal in my life.  I absolutely love back to school shopping.  There's something about brand new pencils and pens and folders all perfect and clean and waiting to be used to do something that just feels right.  I enjoy Summer.  I enjoy being outside and swimming and the sun but quite honestly I don't do well in the heat and humidity and I burn very very easily.  In Autumn there's that slightly cooler touch in the air that means you can get out your cute boots and a sweater you haven't seen in months and go out to enjoy the weather before the rain starts.  Around here the rain always starts but September and the beginning of October usually provide enough lovely days that you don't really mind.  It's so much easier to look cute when you aren't sweating isn't it?" ~ Leigh-Ellen @ Little Waterlily in a Big Pond

I love the cool weather, the fall decor, the smell, the feeling of excitement preparing for Christmas, dressing warm, waking up and walking on cool floors, pajama pants, candles, fires, fall hair styles, scarves, fall crafts, and the leaves changing colors.... ~ Me :)
Thanks so much for having me Kate!