Aug 20, 2012

Last month I got to go to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus! It was such a fantastic show and I had a great time. I squealed half the time - everything was so amazing and dangerous!

First they had a pre-show, which is the first two photos of the post. There were clowns and mini-shows, and they gave away free temporary tattoos and clown noses.
And when the show began...
There were guys riding horses while standing. One guy flipped underneath the horse and climbed around the other side and got back on, all while the horse is galloping in a circle. They did several tricks that had me sitting on the edge of my seat! Ah scary!

The lions and tigers in a cage (thankfully)... They were actually kind of cute from a distance ;)

These are two girls with clips attached to their hair, which was braided and in a huge tight loop on their head.

They got up to 8 guys with motorcycles all going at once in the ball:
You can also check out what freaked me out most!
It was a fantastic show. I would go again if I could! I had a fabulous time and hopefully they'll be coming back next year. xo. Kate