Bullseye Ring

Aug 18, 2012

This is such a FUN ring to make! It took me only a few minutes and the ring makes me happy when I wear it. Here's how to make your own....

felt scraps
sequin + bead
needle + thread
elastic scrap
fabric scissors

 STEP 1: Cut your piece of elastic to fit your finger, with an extra inch for sewing.

STEP 2: Cut out circles in all different sizes and layer them together.

STEP 3: Thread through the felt circles, the sequin, the bead, and all the way back.

STEP 4: Thread the ends of both threads through the elastic and tie it off.
STEP 5: Stitch the ends of the elastic together to make the ring form. Measure your finger as you do this.

 Have fun with this and get creative! Wouldn't it be so cool to wear the Target logo on your finger? ;)
xo. Kate