7 Questions

Aug 8, 2012

I'm participating in Gentri Lee's 7 questions again! First, a funny photo. :)

I found Waldo outside of a bathroom in Chemainus, a cute little town in Victoria, Canada!

1. The Olympics are awesome! What's your favorite Summer Olympic event to watch?
Gymnastics! I loved watching the U.S.A. team rock this year!


2. If you could compete in an Olympic event (either season), which would it be?
Definitely figure skating. I used to take classes when I was 10 and I loved it. But I grew out of my skates and it got expensive, so I quit. Now I can't stand going to public skating rinks because skating in circles for two hours is so boring, especially in plastic rental skates that give me blisters. 

3. Would you rather be tickled to death or poked (by finger) constantly for the rest of your life?

Poked for the rest of my life! I am extremely ticklish.

4. Do you keep your nails long or short? Square or round?

I try to grow them out long, but they always break. They are mostly square, but I try to keep the corners rounded.

5. Do you think you're funny?

Sometimes....?? My family and close friends think i'm hilarious, because I can be myself around them. But funny jokes and sarcastic comments come and go when I'm with acquaintances

6. When you have something you're looking forward to SO much, but it's still a ways off, what do you do to keep yourself distracted?
I just talk and talk and talk about it a lot... that's how I get out my excitement! Then the excitement returns a few days before it.

7. You've just won an Olympic Gold Medal! What are you going to do next?!?!
Scream and cry and go out for ice cream with my friends and family to celebrate in London!!!... then update my FB status and blog!!!

Come back next week for another 7 questions! xo. Kate