4 Ways to Wrap Gifts

Jul 10, 2012

1. Characters
This is a fun way to dress up gifts for kids. Cut out pieces of cardstock to create fun faces and glue them to a solid-colored bag. Almost any character from movies, cartoons, books, etc. will work! Why not try Sesame Street Characters, Spongebob, animals, Muppets, or a smiley face? (tutorial here)

2. Washi Tape 
Use this colorful tape to dress up any present. You can buy it in the office section of Target, as well as here, here, here, here, here ANNNDD here!

3. Candy technique
This is one of my favorite ways to wrap presents. Instead of folding and taping up the sides, bunch up the excess wrapping paper and tie a ribbon around it. It looks like a giant piece of candy! Make sure to keep the ends long enough to tie.

4. Stamping
A perfect way to add interest to a boring box or bag is to stamp it. It's such a simple but cute idea! If you don't have any ink, you can also color the stamp with a washable marker instead.

Have fun making your gifts extra special! xo. Kate