Lemon Coin Purse

Jun 28, 2012

Hi there! Today I have a fun tute on how to make your own coin purse that looks like a lemon slice, inspire by this pin. Perfect for Summer!

Two sheets of yellow and white felt (Michaels or Joann)
Needle + thread or sewing machine (white and/or yellow thread)
Fabric scissors
a large circular shape to trace around about the length of a pencil

Let's get started...
 Step 1: Take your two pieces of felt.
Step 2: Trace your large circular shape with pencil on the yellow felt.
Step 3: Cut it out with your fabric scissors
Step 4: Cut the circle in half

 Step 1: Trace another half circle on the white felt.
Step 2: Before cutting it out, draw another half circle on the inside of the first one, but slightly smaller. Cut it out.
Step 3: Sew it on one of the yellow half circles.
Step 4: Cut yet another half circle out of yellow felt, but make this one even smaller than the white half circle you cut out.

Step 1: Cut that yellow half circle into four triangles.
Step 2: Sew the triangles on.
Step 3: You're finished with the front part!

Now take both of your yellow half circles and stitch on the Velcro. Once you've done that, stitch all around the entire curved section of the lemon, leaving the straight edge open...

And you're done!

What I love about this purse is that it can be used to hold anything for any purpose. So many possibilities!
Have a extra-fantabulous day! xo. Kate
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