Guest post {All Things Blogs}

Jun 10, 2012

Hi girls! Today I am soooo excited to introduce my bloggy BFF, Sarah from All Things Blogs. She will be sharing this super cute washi tape button canvas with us!

Take it away!!! ;)
Hi There!
Today I'm going to show you how to make a super cute canvas decor item with only washi tape, buttons, and a 5x7 canvas!

Supplies needed:
hot glue gun
washi tape
a 5x7 flat canvas (Joann)

Here's what my canvas looked like above.

Start with a corner and bring it over the canvas.
Repeat till you have covered the whole 5x7 canvas! :]

Here's what mine looked like after I covered the whole thing.

Lay out your buttons how you want them to be, try patterns, or just "wing it" on the washi tape covered canvas!

After you have them how you like, pick up a button and use a little bit of hot glue to make it stay on the canvas.

Here's what mine looked like!

Thanks for having me here today Kate!!! :D

What YUMMY colors! Love it Sarah!
Be sure to check out Sarah's
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