Dollar Store Mirror Redo

Apr 18, 2012

Today I can't wait to share with you this simple $1 mirror! This was over at See Vanessa Craft last week, in case you missed it.

I have been in desperate need of a mirror in my closet. I found a cheap mirror from Dollar Tree about a month or two ago, but it was literally falling apart. Creative instincts told me to grab the glue gun and start working!

Dollar Store mirror ($1)
Ribbon scraps (I had them on hand)
Small beads (beads are optional, but they add a nice touch)
Fabric scissors
Hot glue gun
Needle + thread (for beads, optional)

Total Project Cost: $1 (woo hoo!)

Wash off your mirror. I had to pull tape and hardened glue off of the frame sides.

Lay out the ribbon. Take your needle and thread your way through your beads. Knot both sides. Lay that out as well.

Starting with the bottom-most ribbon, wrap it around and tape the ends in the back. Continue with each ribbon (and beads)!

Glue all four sides of the frame back on. It may be a tight fit over the ribbon, but it should fit. You can finish with gluing the ribbon on the back, but the tape stayed on just fine for me.

You're done! Could it be any easier?

(1) Grab a hair clip and clip it onto the ribbon. It can give the mirror a new look any time you feel its time for a change!
(2) Even though this mirror can hang on its own, the stand in the photo gives it a nice touch. It's also from Dollar Tree.
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