Sock Bunnies

Mar 25, 2012

What's cuter than a little bunny?
A Sock Bunny!

You are definitely in for a treat today!

Based on the beanbags here, I created these fun little bunnies!

Let's start hoppin'!
Child's sock ($1 from Target dollar section)
Scrap felt
About 1/2 bag of rice
Pom pom
rubber band
Ribbon (I bought mine here)

 Fill the sock just before the heel.
 Tie the top off with a rubber band, and tie a ribbon around the center to separate the body from the head.
I cut lots of different felt faces before I settled on just one.

 Cut the ears, rounding them.
 Since the heel was pink, it made the pink 'insides' of ears that bunnies have!
 Glue the pom pom on the back
You're done!
I took lots of photos of both my bunnies - so much fun! Which bunny is your favorite?

 Bunny bums!

Guess what? Both of the bunnies cost me $.50 - I had everything else on hand except the striped sock.
Have an awesome Sunday!