No-Sew Doll House Pillow With Hidden Storage

Mar 12, 2012

 I created this for a young girl's dollhouse. This fabulous fabric (it's perfect for Barbies!) I think came from Joann. What's great about this pillow is that it has a secret pocket on the back to store all those little Barbie pieces that get lost!

Okay, moving on:
Scrap fabric (large enough to stretch three times the doll bed's width)
Ruler/measuring tape
Hot Glue gun
Scissors (extra sharp or fabric scissors work best)
Start by measuring your doll bed. This one's a tad over four inches. Add just half an inch more to that. (So, rounding it, it would be 4 1/2 inches)
Measure the width of your pillow. I did three inches in, but it depends on the size of your doll bed. (Keep in mind, the larger you go, the more hidden storage room there is)
Now cut that piece of fabric (So, mine was 4 1/2 x 3 inches). Then cut a second one. Layer them so that each print is sandwiched inside.
Now glue the edges of that together, but keep one side open.
Turn inside out!
Put your pillow 'case' on top of another scrap of fabric, and cut that one so that there's a bit more than half an inch, bordering each side except the open, un-glued end.

Now take that and glue those half inch sides on top.
Your pillow should now have two different holes.

Stuff the front one with stuffing (or in my case, the only 'stuffing' I had was some tulle)
Close up that ONE pocket. This will leave the other one open for storage!
Gather all your little girl's small Barbie props,
And stick them in the back!
Ta Da!

Hopefully more doll-house tutorials will come soon! I just love creating mini things.

Come back soon for another tutorial using tulle! Can't wait to show you!