Linky Follower Blog Hop!

Feb 29, 2012

This is my very first Blog Hop! Hooray for that!!! :D

You have probably heard Google Friend Connect (GFC) is leaving for non-Blogger blogs. There's also
a rumor floating around that it will be gone for Blogger blogs soon enough.

But, not to worry!

You might have seen Linky Followers floating around the Blogosphere lately. I have my own linky tool in the sidebar! This is a great tool for following blogs and knowing their latest updates! And, it's FREE. Yep! To participate in this blog hop, you must have a Linky Followers Tool somewhere on your blog.

This is the:

Time to link up!!!


#1. You must have a Linky Followers tool on your website to participate.
Please be sure that you have this! If you do not, your link will get deleted. If it is, make sure you add the tool
to your blog, then come back and re-enter your blog. (Linky Followers is FREE! You can have both GFC and Linky Followers on your blog.)

#2. You must follow the blog who as their party on their site. 
Thanks for following me!

#3. Just simply link up your blog URL (your homepage, not a specific post) below...

#4. Then grab the blog hop code under the 'what is a blog hop?' link. When you link up, make sure you are in HTML view/mode. (For bloggers, there are tabs and one says Edit HTML. Choose that one) Place the code BEFORE the last <div> for the Party Hop to work!

#5. Please check out other links and follow as many blogs as you like! Spread some comment <3 and let them know you are following them (If you would like to, include you came from A Creative Cookie)

Please make sure you have followed all these rules. You can get the Linky Followers code HERE for free! Simply insert the Linky Followers code in the side bar (using an HTML gadget or something similar) and you are done!

Remember, this is to help build up followers for blogs! Please don't be a link-and-run blogger!

I will visit as many links as I can and follow my favorites!

Thank you in advance for linking up!

Still need help? Go here.