Ruffle Lace Bracelet

Nov 13, 2011

a Strip of Lace

 I had all this lace to work with, so I decided to make a bracelet. Here's the 'ribbon' lace:

 All I did for this bracelet is thread some string through the middle holes (if your lace doesn't have holes in the middle, string the string through any holes near the middle, there's bound to be some)

Bunch the lace up into ruffles as you are stringing it. I cut and measured the string before I started lacing it through. It was a bad idea. If I accidentally let go, the lace would bounce back straight and the string would come out. Shoot! I ended up taping one end to my table.

Once you are finished, cut and measure everything to fit your wrist. My string wasn't stretchy, so I had to tie it at a PERFECT length. Once you are done knotting it, add a dot of glue to keep the knot together.

xo. Kate