Handmade Cards

Nov 19, 2011

I went to a friend's house today and made a hoard of homemade cards. I used these adorable owl stamps!!! Here they are:
 I LOVE the look of this card. It was supposed to look vintage, and here are the things that make it vintage:
• The faded owl
• The sloppy 'straight' letters
• The way the corners of the stamp are shown too
• The color green. I don't know why, but that color of glitter glue made me think of vintage
 Here's another Owl card!
 A faded pink owl with green I's dotted all around to create a border

I also decided to do some Christmas cards! Here are some of my ideas:
 My friend, Hannah, used the star (*) as a snowflake for one of her cards. I used it as trees and used silver glitter glue to make snow
 This one is cute because of the little red dots on the letters and the little golden bells. 

I LOVE making cards of bees! Their dotted 'trail' is so fun!

I hope you enjoyed these cards! Now go make your own!
xo. Kate